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Why get a spa in the park facial?


1. Our Products Deliver Results!!!

Decleor spends millions of dollars in R&D to make their products result oriented. Decleor uses Essential Oils as the base for their product line. Because they are so powerful, the transformation of essential oils to obtain a 100% natural cosmetic formula is extremely delicate, requiring all the technical mastery that their Laboratories have at their disposal.

Circadia's inventor, Dr. Peter Pugliese has over 16 patents in Anti-aging Skin Care. Their products are used in leading Spas and Dermatologist Offices. He has published over 60 scientific papers, authored four books, including, in 1990, the first textbook written for estheticians to bridge esthetics and medicine with a common language.

2. All our estheticians are trained in both of these Product Lines, and they provide Clinical yet Relaxing facials.

3. We change all of Facial clients into robes to protect their clothing, and to provide a relaxing environment.

4. We have a relaxation lounge to unwind before your session.

5. We are a full service spa, so that you can get a Massage, and a Body Treatment all in one visit.

6. Do you need any more reasons? We invite you to vist our beautiful Spa.


IPL Microphoto rejuvenation Therapy


Rejuvenate your skin

With age and eposure to the environment, skin texture can roughen, spots can start to appear and fine lines make their debut. MicroPhoto Thearapy treatement gently reinvigorate your skin. Treatments are safe with virtually no dosntime or discomfort. (FDA approved)

With the healing power of LHE (Light and Heat Energy) this treatment works deep beneath the surface of the skin giving you a younger healthier looking appearance. Soothing pulses of light and heat work together to stimulate collagen and reduce pigmentation, sunspots. It evens out skin tone and smooths the texture and tightens your skin with virtually no down time and no discomfort at all. The warm heat opens your pores enhancing absorption of specialty creams and apprpriate serums. Our service can include a Vitamin ampule, award winning anti-ageing treatment or a cooling marine collagen mask. For optimal results, a series of eight (8) treatments is recommended.

(Add the neck to any service + $89)


cleansing facials


European Facial

Need a facial? Not sure which one to get? Then this is the right facial for you. This is a basic facial tailored to your specific skin type. Let our experienced estheticians examine your skin and perform a facial that is specifically made for you. Your skin will look radiant.

Executive Gentlemen’s Facial

Customized for a gentleman's specific skin needs, a deep cleansing is followed by an exfoliating scrub and extraction. The treatment concludes with a cool, soothing customized mask to balance and hydrate your skin, also helping alleviate shaving irritation.

Teen Facial

Are you in your teens and suffering from Acne? Or do you have a teenager that needs a facial and skin education? Then Urban Defense is the right facial for you. This facial focuses on black head extractions and treating acne with a customized mask.


treatment facials


oxygen Rx treatment by circadia: $169

This facial has an intense brightening effect. Hyperpigmentation and redness are greatly reduced. This is always a good one to do right before a special event! When done regularly it can give the skin tone that even texture we desire. Safe to do once a week! Oxygen is the nutrient of life.

Client Before Oxygen Treatment

Client after 2 Oxygen Treatments: "I used to wake up every morning worried how red my face would be. But now with the Oxygen treatments and my home care products, those worries are gone! Thanks to the team at Spa In The Park" Josue V



Radiate luxuray with Gold & pearl mask: $149

Refresh your skin with this 24 karat gold and natural pearl mask from France. With collagen and its amino acids you are ensured a readiating and tonified skin that creates a naturally youthful vibrancy.









decleor treatment facials



Nourishing Facial (Aromaplasty Facial)

It's an all round beauty treat that provides healing, toning, and softening. It evens out skin imbalances by nourishing the skin with a cocktail of vitamins and proteins like Linseed, Almond, Sesame, and Hazelnut, leaving skin velvety-smooth. It stimulates and enhances the action of the products applied during the treatment, while moisturizing and decongesting.

C-Purely - Whitening Facial

A Multi-vitamin facial that helps to even out your complexion, and is especially helpful with brown spots and pigmentation. Treatment includes massage, toning, peeling and a special grapefruit and parsley mask, giving your skin an instant radiant glow. All Skin Types.

Anti-Aging Facial

This decadent facial offers an anti-stress and anti aging action. Specialty moisturizers and masks are used throughout the facial to energize, nourish and firm the skin to restore a youthful look. This treatment is especially effective for tired, dull-looking and dehydrated skin. Suitable for Mature Skin.

Rosacea and Sensitive Skin Facial (Harmony Extreme)

A treatment especially developed for clients with rosacea and sensitive skin conditions. This treatment is designed to sooth redness and irritation, using specialized gentle cleansing, cooling and hydration techniques. Our skin care products for home use are recommended to help neutralize and reduce redness on a continuous basis.

Hydrating Facial For Dry Skin (Hydra-Force)

This facial restores a smooth appearance to the driest of skins. Wrinkles and fine lines are “plumped out” and the epidermis is visibly refreshed. Its long-term effectiveness reinforces the barrier function of the epidermis so it is better equipped to combat aggressive climatic effects.

Regulating Facial (Oily Skin Facial)

This ultra-effective treatment for people displaying signs of excessive oil congested skin. Works to refine the skin's texture and close up the pores. Gets rid of spots and oxygenates the skin, restoring a radiant complexion. Combination/Oily Skin.


treatment masks


All-natural marine collagen mask $134

Our natural marine collagen facial mask contains a high level of collagen protein and moisturizers. It has whitening elements to fade melanin and pigmentation. Promotes your cell vitality and effectively removes wrinkles and improve elasticity . Cooling & soothing perfect for all skin types.

resolve those breakouts & help heal: $169

A comprehensive treatment that prevents and repairs acne, acne damage, oily and combination skin. Through a powerful combination of highly effective active ingredients, this facial treatment addresses acne conditions at the source with a holistic approach. The multi-step treatment immediately removes excess sebum, softens pore congestion, and reduces redness and irritation for clearer, healthier looking skin.


anti-Ageing services


Award WInning Anti-Ageing SErum $49

Enjoy the effective strength of multi-peptide formula that inhibits certain wrinkle inducing compounds in the skin.
Stimulates the regeneration of collagen and elastin with Matrixyl® & Matrixyl® 3000.

Microdermabrasion: $74

When your skin needs some serious resurfacing, decongesting, or just a fresh start! Our diamond tip microdermabrasion system will give you just that! When the outer layers of skin are gently an safely removed it allows for much better product penetration. With regular treatments, it can dramatically improve the look of fine lines, acne scars and hyperpigmentation. Great as a treatment alone or best when done with an oxygen treatment. [Add on to any facial for $54]


Treatement enhancements



Ampoule / serum $30


vitamin C Infusion $49


enzyme mask $49


pumpkin peel $49


Ultrasonic deep pore cleanse $29

enzyme facials & exfoliation

These facial removes keratin buildup and helps brighten and clarify your skin. Enzymes are naturally sourced from pineapple (bromelain) and papaya (papain) and trypsin. Three specially formulated treatments are available for your special needs.


Cocoa Enzyme: $125

Wonderfully aromatic, this facial is effective for all skin tyoes including sensitive, acneic, aging and rosacea skin tyoes.

zymase Enzyme facial: $125

Effective with thicker and environmentally damaged skin. With nourishing Vitamin C and citrus blends this treatment therapeutically resolves highly keratinized skin with birghtening results.

raspberry Enzyme facial: $125

Enhanced with reaspberry seed extract, this treatment is formulated for skin that is photodamaged, wrinkled or has hyperpigmentation. WIth its exfoiliation effects, this facial delivers balance to your skin tone and a youthful, more clarified and brighter appearance.

add an Oxygen application for only $49 more.



anti-aging swIch treatment facials



dermal rejuvenation swich treatment (includes home care products)

A scientific breakthrough that helps enhance mitochondrial function and restores skin to itsyouthful appearance. SWiCH™ gives Aging, photo-damaged or environmentally-damaged skin a treatment that performs beyond the results achievable with non-surgical peels. This treatment can be done on face and/or neck.


Based on a physiological principle of inducing the natural repair system of the skin to become active
Activation of the repair system effects a restoration of both sun-damaged skin and intrinsic skin aging changes.
Helps induce repair with minimal epidermal damage
Unlike most acid-based treatments, the SWiCH™ System is a leave-on system. The active ingredient remains to provide the continuous treatment for repair and restoration.
Since tissue damage is minimal, repeated treatment can be performed at regular intervals without risk of over-treatment.

The Philosophy behind SWiCH™
For over 40 years chemical peeling has been practiced by physicians to rejuvenate or remodel sun-damaged skin. Both intrinsic and extrinsic aging changes have been the object of many types of skin peeling including chemical, mechanical and thermal modalities. The common thread tying these methods together is the ability of the skin to heal itself when damaged. All of these methods produce some degree of tissue destruction, which incites the natural repair process within the skin. Consistent damage to the epidermis, however, may lead to more serious side effects. In a dermal system that is already overtaxed, the use of these agents creates a greater demand on the energy production.

With the SWiCH™ System, it is now possible to achieve repair of the skin without having to induce tissue damage. The body’s repair systems, including that in the skin, are held in a ready state at all times. Understanding what is needed to trigger the system is the key to the efficacy of the SWiCH™ System.

Any repair system requires a large input of energy. Biologically this is in the form of adenosine triphosphate, or ATP. This energy source is generated by a natural cycle as part of the metabolism of food. For the SWiCH™ system to be effective the active ingredients must penetrate into the skin. Next, the repair mechanism must be switched on and the energy supplied-just as you flip a light switch to supply electrical energy to a bulb. The three parts of the SWiCH™ System are (1) effect penetration, (2) generate energy, and (3) turn on the repair system.

Client before SWiCH™ Treatment

Client right after first SWiCH™ Treatment


Customize Your Treatment

(Available only during Skin Therapy Treatments)

De-stress Eye Treatment

A relaxing and unwinding treatment designed for the most sensitive part of your face. Designed to combat the problems of the contours of your eyes created by stress and aging. It reduces eye puffiness and the appearance of wrinkles around your eyes. $40

Luscious Lips

Exfoliate and deeply hydrates the area around mouth and lips with Collagen and Caviar Mask. $40

smooth body exfoliation

Add Body salt Glow with any facial, 30 min $50

**Cash or Credit Card Purchases Only

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Neck & Décolleté Lift

Erase fine lines with hydrating treatments that result in firmer skin. $40

Hand Treatment

It has been said our age lies in the youth of our hands, so enjoy an exfoliation and moisturizing mask, which will help lighten hyper-pigmentation and retextures skin. $35

Hand or Foot Reflexology

Add hand or foot reflexology to any facial 20 min. $25


Treatment for Keratosis Pilaris

Keratosis Pilaris is a skin condition that causes acne-like bumps (resembling goose bumps) from a buildup of keratin, a natural protein in the skin. It's most commonly found on the upper-arms, but it can also be plagued in such areas as the face, thighs, back, chest, and buttocks. We offer a great treatment to help control this condition. $70 for Arms, $99 for Legs

Make-up application

Add Make-up application to any facial $50