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Why Get Waxed at Spa In The Park?


1. Our waxes are formulated for sensitive skin. Both soft and hard waxes are available for your service.
2. The techniques used by our estheticians promotes slow hair growth.
3. We know Eye Brows! Symmetry, Symmetry, Symmetry! We take our time to make sure you are absolutely happy with your brows
4. Clean, Fresh, Calming Spa venue. Open parking.
5. We offer series prices to save you money

waxing promotions:

BRAZILIAN BIKINI PACKAGE - $65 (Regular price: $75)

BEACH READY PACKAGE! - Receive a Full-Leg, Extended Bikini and Under Arm Waxing for only $119 - Limited Time offer, Female Clients





* Series pricing available.

Prices and services subject to change.


Waxing Services For Women


Service Price Series
Design (30 min) $30 N/A
Maintenance (15 min) $20 Buy 6 for $100
Tweezing (15 min) $30 Buy 6 for $150
Shoulders Waxing $34
Back Waxing $34



Service Price Series
Half Arms (15 min) $35 Buy 6 for $175
Full Arms (30 min) $50 Buy 6 for $250
Underarms (15 min) $20 Buy 6 for $100

Facial Waxing

Service Price Series
Facial Wax (includes Eyebrows, lip, cheeks, chin and forehead) (30 min) $65 Buy 6 for $325
Lip, Chin, Forehead, Cheeks or Stomach or Lower Back (15 min) $14 Buy 6 of any one type for $70


Service Price Series
Bikini (15 min) $35 Buy 6 for $175
Extended Bikini (30 min) (see below) $55 Buy 6 for $275
Brazilian Bikini (30-45 min) $75 Buy 6 for $375

please read "Understanding Brazilian Waxing" , below before your appointment)


Service Price Series
Upper or Lower Legs (15 min) $55 Buy 6 for $275
Full Legs (1 hr) $80 Buy 6 for $400



Service Price Series
Lip and Arch (15 min) $30 Buy 6 for $150
Upper or Lower Legs and Bikini (30 min) $75 Buy 6 for $375
Upper or Lower Legs and Extended Bikini (45 min) $90 Buy 6 for $450
Upper or Lower Legs and Brazilian (45 min) $110 Buy 6 for $550
Full Legs and Bikini (75 min) $120 Buy 6 for $475
Full Legs and Extended Bikini (75 min) $135 Buy 6 for $575
Full Legs and Brazilian (90 min) $155 Buy 6 for $625


Hair Removal

Waxing Services For Men

Back or Chest (30 min) $74 Buy 6 for $370
Shoulder (30 min) $39 Buy 6 for $195
Back and Shoulder (45 min) $99* Buy 6 for $445
Stomach (30 min) $69 Buy 6 for $345
Chest and Stomach (45 min) $144* Buy 6 for $720
Full Arms (30 min) $89 Buy 6 for $445
Bikini (not Brazilian ) $59 Buy 6 for $295
Brazilian $124 Buy 6 for $620
Full Legs $159 Buy 6 for $795
Buttocks $64 Buy 6 for $320
Whole Body (2 hours and 30 minutes) (Includes Back, Chest, Shoulder, Stomach, Full Legs, Full Arms, Bikini and Buttocks) $479* Buy 6 for $2,395

Series Don't Expire!! Use as needed.

* All combination prices are discounted, hence can only be purchased with cash or credit card.


Brazilian vs. Extended Bikini Waxing

If you're familiar with the Brazilian wax, you know that everything goes. Or just almost everything, in some cases. If you prefer, a Brazilian can leave a small strip of hair on the front, but everything else, from front to back—buh-bye!

The Extended bikini wax, on the other hand, requires removal of the panties for only a small portion of the waxing process. You'll be left with a vertical strip about 2 to 3 fingers in width or an upside-down triangular patch of hair rather than nothing or a small strip typical of the Brazilian, which is more than the traditional bikini wax will remove.

Also, unlike in a Brazilian wax, the Extended bikini wax does not include hair removal from the buttocks or the lip of vagina.

Understanding Brazilian Waxing

IMPORTANT! Hair must be 1/4 inch long to be waxed. Please do not trim; that is part of the waxing service.

If you have time prior the appointment it will be much better to take a shower. Hygiene is very important in this kind of work.

Don't tense up when being waxed –

Take long deep breaths, relaxing will make it easier.

All waxing may NOT be done if you are or have recently taken any prescription skin care drugs, such as Accutane,Retin A, and Renova.